Foxfaces is a blog written by two foxes originating from both Denmark and Thailand. Being children of two different worlds, we have been raised with a deep understanding of how unsimilar two cultures can be and this has nurtured a unique passion for exploring, feeling and even tasting the many different layers a single country can consist of. We will be writing about these experiences and make sure to rate them along the way with the amount of foxes we give.


Although we are primarely to be found in Aarhus, Denmark and Bangkok, Thailand, our inner explorers make sure that we are not limited to residing in these two lovely cities. We need our getaways and we need to visit new places to find out what it is that makes a specific city or country unique. We have found that you can tell a lot about a city by living, shopping and eating in the best places the city has to offer, so this is what we will be doing on Foxfaces. We will be writing about our personal experiences in our daily life in Aarhus and Bangkok, but we will also be sharing with you the reviews of all the hotels, restaurants and shopping places we visit elsewhere.

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