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Liveliest hotel in Bangkok | W Bangkok

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So this is our first post on Foxfaces and it’s a real gem. We’re currently in Bangkok and this means that we’re accompanied by three things: True Move, AirBnB and Booking.com.

Since our phone bill would be ridiculous if we used our iPhones in Thailand, we always get a thai sim card from True Move as soon as we land. It doesn’t have to be True Move, but on top of the included data in their subscriptions, they have a lot of hotspots in Bangkok, allowing you free wifi access in case their phone signal proves insufficient. It costs 10-15 dollars for enough data to cover your whole trip and whether or not you’re familiar with Bangkok, it saves you a lot of time roaming the city to be able to find inspiration on how to spend your day and where to eat. And these two foxes love to eat.. but we’ll get to that later.

Once we’re online on our iPhones, we make sure that our AirBnB and Booking.com apps are updated. These are the first things to be checked off on our list and it should be the same on yours, when you visit Thailand. Using AirBnB can help you find a place to stay that is just as nice as any 4 stared hotel without being as pricey. We use the app a lot on our vacations and we recommend that you do the same. We’ll be posting a guide on how to spot great deals on AirBnB in Bangkok, since this isn’t as easy as you might think, if you don’t know the different neighborhoods, but we’ll also get to that later.

Using AirBnB can save you a ton of money without forcing you to stay at a shitty hotel that we wouldn’t give a single fox, so you’d be making your trip a lot more comfortable without paying extra to do so. Having said that, we try not to think about saving money, when we’re on vacation. So every now and then when we just can’t live without all the luxury and the service any more, we use the money that we’ve saved on AirBnB to pay for some really fancy hotel stays. Doing so doesn’t save us a single dollar in the end, but it makes us the most comfortable foxes in the world, so the money is well spend. Oh, and this is where we need the Booking.com app of course. We check the hotel prices a lot in case there’s some great last-minute deal – and that’s how we ended up at W.

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Once you see the lights and hear the music coming from the hotel, you’ll probably be second guessing our use of the word “discovery” here, but considering the number of hotels to choose from in Bangkok and considering the fact that we very rarely roam the streets of Sathorn, that is exactly what this hotel was to us – and a unique one of that. In fact we probably just did one of our best discoveries in Bangkok so far and it was located less than a minutes walk from BTS Station Chong Nonsi. Amazing.

The first thing we experienced, once we entered the building – besides realizing that the building was just as modern and stylish on the inside as it was on the outside – was the fantastic service you get at this place. Obviously looking out of place, we were greeted and shown to our rooms by one of the hotel’s personnel before we could even utter the words “check in?”. That’s how aware they were and they didn’t fail to demonstrate the same awareness to all of our needs for a single second during our stay. The personnel was available to us 24 hours a day and if that wasn’t enough, the hotel pool and gym was available to us all day as well with the facilities proving to be just as advanced as the hotel staff. And we took full advantage of all of it.

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The rooms were so stylish and overpowered. The beautiful interior and the amazing view left us in awe of the W universe that we had just entered, while the muay thai boxing glove pillows reminded us that we were still in Thailand. Of course, being in the privacy of our room didn’t mean that we were to be left without any service at all – making sure that we were always comfortable, W had our room hooked up to a tablet from which we could control everything in the room from the lights to the air-condition and we could probably get this badboy to brush our teeth as well, if we’d let it. Very cool. Topping it all of was the Bliss products in the bathroom showing the keen eye for details that characterized our stay at W Bangkok.

At 160 dollars per night (not including breakfast) we are happy to rate this at 6/6 foxes


Hotel information:
W Hotel Bangkok
106 North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bang Rak, 10500 Bangkok, Thailand
BTS Chong Nonsi, 3 stops from Siam

w hotel bangkok, best hotels in Bangkok, thailand, hotels, where to stay in bangkok, sathorn hotels w hotel bangkok, best hotels in Bangkok, thailand, hotels, where to stay in bangkok, sathorn hotels

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